Classes – Exercise Tips

There are many variables and levels of fitness and health of people at the beginning of any exercise program. Everyone is an individual and thus there are many different needs, abilities and expectations with everyone.

Any exercise program should suit your fitness / health needs and expectations so please be patient with yourself.  Don’t compare yourself with others; you have your own goals …so find the fitness regime that suits you. 

For safety reasons some adaptations (grading) of exercises may be necessary especially those people with a specific health condition e.g. arthritis. It is very important that whatever exercises are undertaken they must be performed as correctly and safely as possible, especially when just starting a program 

Everyone should progress slowly and cautiously and should occur only at the pace that individuals’ feels comfortable and confident to work at (perceived rate of exertion). No one should feel under pressure to conform to other class participant’s level of fitness.

Start slowly and steadily, if anything hurts or does not feel “right” stop and seek advice. (No pain no gain is definitely out).
It is important that you stop exercising if you feel dizzy; light headed; having discomfort or pains in the chest; are breathless. 
Consult your doctor if this occurs.

It is important to move within comfortable limits and do not do too much at one time or for too long a period. Try to keep movements as smooth as possible. Jerky and “bouncy’ movements can irritate joints and surrounding tissues.
Some discomfort may be experienced initially when exercising. Your body is receiving new messages and needs to adjust to accommodate the new movements. Take things slowly and you will find everything will gradually become easier to do. You can get fitter and more able to do things.

It is more sensible to try to do the exercises in small bouts throughout the day as this will allow the body to adjust more easily. Consider undertaking 3 x 10 minute sessions of exercise throughout the day as this is achievable and easy to do and can have great health and fitness benefits.  By undertaking small sessions whether they are incidental or planned activities the accumulation effect mounts up to the daily 30 minute recommended amount   (This is a realistic and achievable goal) 

Finally…undertake a variety of exercises to stay motivated but above all to enjoy what you are doing
Invest in your body; your health and protect your body by maintaining good fitness levels.
Be Patient with yourself…results will take time…If in doubt ask the experts!!