Exercise is for all Ages and Abilities

It is known that there is a direct association between inactivity and ageing resulting in loss of reserve capacity of the body including reduction in strength and flexibility which correlates with loss of function, reduced ability to do daily activities and reduced fitness and health. There are many challenges and Issues that need consideration.

The overall challenge however is for everyone to find the ways and means to remain active and healthy for as long as possible in order to participate fully in the many dimensions required to sustain a quality and fulfilling life.  MORE

The body needs to remain mobile, strong and have sufficient energy to be able to function well on a day to day basis. Generally fitness and health decline with inactivity, which may eventually fall below the level required to perform everyday tasks easily. Optimal functional ability is necessary to perform many daily tasks to achieve purposeful, good and safe results. The ability to remain active and fit is possible throughout life and all bodies from young to old are able to exercise in varying degrees. Exercise is an important element to include in an overall wellness initiative and it is most important, as we get older. (It needs to be ongoing – once is not enough!)

There are many physiological and associated chronic conditions changes that people may encounter throughout the life cycle and not all older adults lose abilities at the same rate or to the same degree. In general muscle strength and elasticity diminish with age and joints stiffen resulting in the body becoming tighter which restricts easy effective daily movement. Flexibility and strengthening exercises are a particularly important component of an older adult program in relation to arthritis, osteoporosis, low back pain, and history of physical inactivity and history of falls

There is a need for to be a variety of graded programs available to accommodate the different needs, levels of abilities and multiple health states / condition Studies suggest that PA programs combining aerobic/ strength / flexibility components have promising results and protect against cognitive and physical capacity decline associated with ageing

It is good to learn about your health and wellbeing to reduce and problems now and for future reference. Protect yourself by maintaining good fitness levels. Maintain good movement and strength to reduce your risk of stresses and strains to your body. The fitter you are, the less at risk you are of injury yourself and having muscle and joint strains. Invest in your body; your health and protect your body by maintaining good fitness levels

“Because of their low functional status and high incidence of chronic disease, there is no segment of the population that can benefit more from exercise training than the elderly”

(Evans 1995)