Keep Motoring on and Moving as Best YOU Can

The beginning of the year is an ideal opportunity to consider the reasons for and the ways of keeping active.

Motor Maintenance.  Transmission troubles? …………. Don’t Break Down!

Have a service check
When taking into account the reasons and benefits of exercise why not think in parallel with the way we keep our cars well maintained

Maintain Life-Long Skills – Locomotor skills; Manipulative skills; Stability skills

  • Rev up the engine and running smoothly
  • Keep the Nuts and bolts firm
  • Maintain good suspension
  • Keep the spark plugs clean and firing well
  • Keep the tank fuelled up and top up the radiator
  • Keep the battery charged up well
  • Keep the chassis straight

The above concepts relate to looking after ourselves and keeping the body functioning as well as possible.  By remaining mobile, staying strong and straight we will be able to manage our cardiovascular issues and heart health; our joint and bone health; have good joint stability and alignment (posture and balance) as well as having good nutrition and hydration habits.

Keep the machinery oiled and going strong

Life long physical activity participation is required to maintain the highest possible level of functional capacity. Regular care and maintenance will give great results that will keep you staying active and functioning well….

“Don’t let the myths of ageing become self -fulfilling prophecies and make age an excuse not to try…..those who do not find the time to exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”