Make 10 – Take 10 – 10 Simple Activity Ideas

Don’t get stuck in the chair, staying indoors or doing the same old things. Take up the challenges and try a variety of ways to be active at home or work…but above all to enjoy what you do!  Consider undertaking 10 minute sessions of exercise throughout the day as this is achievable and easy to do and has great health and fitness benefits.  By undertaking small sessions whether they are incidental or planned activities… the accumulation effect mounts up to achieve the recommended accumulation daily amount.

10 Ideas to start becoming more active.

  1. Stand More and Sit Less – Aim to stand up and stretch 10 times a day (one way of preventing long term postural and back problems)
  2. Walk and Talk – Aim to walk with a friend or walk the dog and pick up the pace for at least a 10 minute brisk walk (walking is a great aerobic exercise)
  3. Use the Stairs – Aim to take at least 10 steps up and down daily as this is a great way to keep the legs strong and the circulation flowing well (a great aerobic and strength routine)
  4. Walk don’t drive (to the shops) – Aim to walk to the shops if they are only 10 minutes away from home or park a little further away from the shops (a great aerobic exercise)
  5. Join Group Exercises – Aim to try 10 different forms of groups exercise throughout the year and find the one(s) that you like and suits your needs, interests and abilities
  6. Many Steps and Many Moves – Aim to try 10 different forms of dancing throughout the year (a fun and great way to get fit)
  7. Take to the Water – Aim to become active in water – try walking or swimming for 10 minutes nonstop (a great form of exercise without straining the joints)
  8. Take a Bike – Aim to start with a 10 minute cycle ride and explore the local area (a great aerobic exercise)
  9. Get Digging, Mowing and Raking – Aim to undertake 10 minutes of work at a time in the garden – but be careful not to strain the back (a great aerobic and strength routine)
  10. Take a Hike – aim to start off with a series of 10 minute walks to build the fitness levels and stamina. Maybe take up the challenge to getting fit enough for a 10 km walk! (a great aerobic exercise)

Consider all this as play time – make 10, Take 10!  Aim to find 10 fun activities that you have always wanted to try… it is never too late.