Why Bother?

The body cannot afford to remain inactive for a long period of time and needs constant maintenance. It is possible for any one regardless of age or condition to improve their health and fitness level. There are certain physical changes that are irreversible, but equally, there are some that can be maintained or even improved and this includes most of the components of physical fitness. 

Consider undertaking 3 x 10 minute sessions of exercise throughout the day .  This is achievable, easy to do and can have great health and fitness benefits.  By undertaking small sessions whether they are incidental or planned activities, the accumulation effect mounts up to the daily 30 minute recommended amount! 

10 Good Reasons to Exercise… Functioning Well and Feeling Well!:

  1. Heart and lung health – Maintains efficient heart and lung function (+ good blood pressure and circulation) 
  2. Good muscle function and movement – Helps maintain good muscle length, strength and power to allow for good functional abilities
  3. Bones health – Helps maintain good bone strength and reduce the risk of the complications associated with osteoporosis 
  4. Joint health  – Helps maintain good joint function to allow for effective mobility, stability and lubrication of joints which is so important for arthritic joints 
  5. Digestive health –Moving the body helps keep the internal body systems working well 
  6. Weight management – Assists with weight control in conjunction with a sensible well balanced diet 
  7. Better body control – By challenging and stimulating the nervous system, involving co-ordination and balance moves, it can help reduce the risk of falls and related injuries.
  8. Sleep – Regular exercise can assist in achieving a deeper, more satisfying sleep
  9. Sickness – The fitter and healthier the body, the more it is able to help overcome illness and infections 
  10. Mood and memory – Exercise can help maintain optimal mental abilities and lift the mood which assists coping with difficult and stressful situations more easily Improve your physical capacity and choices for a healthy satisfying lifestyle.

Maintain and Manage your physical, mental and social vitality at optimal levels Prevent and Protect yourself from any unnecessary deterioration in health conditions and physical function as far as possible Achieve Good Health and Live The Way You Want As Best You Can! NB. If you have any concerns please always seek advice and support from appropriate medical allied health and fitness professionals