Presentation at the FILEX conference – April 17th

Now that we are unable to travel overseas many conferences are now being conducted online. One large conference recently conducted was FILEX which was geared towards people living in the southern hemisphere who work in the fitness industry. The industry is beginning to put more emphasis on exercise for all ages, which includes the older adult.

I presented a 1-hour webinar on “Fitness and Function for Older Adults” at this conference. The presentation covered falls prevention issues and exercise programs related to the age changes that link specifically to Arthritis; Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia.
Over 90 people logged in.!!!

These are issues that are so important to understand and have appropriate exercises programs conducted according to the condition to enable the body to function as well as possible.

“Anybody no matter the age, ability or circumstance can do something to remain active and achieve realistic health and fitness goals in order to stay well for as long as possible. Changes are possible with the appropriate level and type of exercise”

(for more information concerning specific conditions and issues please contact me)

Sally Castell