Maintaining and managing meaningful movement to postpone, protect, preserve and prevent unforeseeable declines in physical and mental functional abilities.

Changes, Challenges, Choices

The Change

As we know these past few months there have been many changes and challenges to our lifestyle due to COVID. We have had to adapt and made choices to cope with the situation and will continue to do so.

Many things change over our lifetime, a major one being a reduction in health and fitness with many adaptations having to be made. We must remember that the body still needs to remain mobile, strong and have sufficient energy to be able to work well on a day to day basis. When fitness and health decline with age and inactivity, movement may become less easy to do and can eventually fall below the level required to perform everyday tasks easily. Everybody needs to be able to function as well as possible to move safely and efficiently.

There are also many situations as we get older which can become more challenging and may require a bit more effort, both physically and mentally. Arthritis for example can limit movement, become painful to move with many activities becoming harder to undertake. It is still possible and very important however, to remain active, provided the exercises undertaken are suitable and safe. There are many challenges and choices that can and need to be made to keep ourselves as active, healthy and independent as possible, for as long as possible.

The Challenge – Invest in Your Health and Wellbeing.

The overall challenges and choices relating to exercise is to support your overall health and fitness goals to maintain good movement, activity levels and strength to reduce any stresses and strains to the body. The fitter you are, the less at risk you are of injury to yourself, reducing joint irritation and strains as well as having good muscle and bone strength.

The Choices – Stay Fit, Healthy, Active and Fit and Function Well.

Maintaining movement will be a continual learning, ongoing and evolving process for all concerned. There are many levels and layers, abilities and conditions that require thought, planning and consideration. One size does not – or should not – suit all. There is not just one way as things should suit individual needs and not just fit into one category.

Exercises should and can be adapted to accommodate everyone’s needs, capabilities and conditions and it important that programs are designed and implemented to accommodate these issues.

There are also many ways and methods of undertaking exercise including programs and modalities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Zumba, Pilates, Feldenkrais, dancing and walking alongside the “mainstream” sessions ….so please choose the one that suits you.

Mainstream – Basic Exercise / Physical Activity areas of importance:

  1. Stamina – Aerobic
  2. Strength – muscle mass and bone density implications
  3. Suppleness – flexibility
  4. Safe moves – Postural stability and balance to prevent falls and injuries.

TIP: You’re not going to succeed at everything however hard you try! Don’t worry about resistance and setbacks. Just keep working at things. Enjoy finding creative ways and opportunities to achieve the overall results you are aiming for.

In the meantime: “Keep Active and Keep Safe”