“Make 10 – Take 10”

To Stay Active and Independent

Keep protecting yourself by maintaining good fitness levels to reduce any problems now and in the future.

The body needs to remain mobile, strong and have sufficient energy to be able to cope well on a day to day basis. Optimal functional ability is necessary for many daily tasks. Maintain good strength, flexibility, balance and movements to reduce the stresses and strains to your body. The fitter you are, the less at risk you are of an injury and straining muscles and joints.

Don’t get stuck in the chair. Over the next few months, whilst we are less able to get out and be with others to exercise take up the challenge and try a variety of ways to be active at home, but above all to enjoy what you do! Instead of thinking how much …think how little … just be more active for 10 minutes three times a day! Undertaking 3 x 10minute sessions of exercise throughout the day is achievable and easy to do and does have still has great health and fitness benefits. By undertaking these small sessions whether they are incidental or planned activities the accumulation effect mounts up to achieve the recommended daily amount of 30 minute daily (This is a realistic and achievable goal for everyone).

Can I help? Will this assist you?

I can provide you with some simple relevant exercise resources over a period of weeks that you can use. The information will enable you to do them in your own time and help you keep “on track” and motivated to stay active and healthy.

Take Care. Sally